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Hey there. Name's Katie.
This is mostly a video game blog where I shamelessly fangirl over games like Mass Effect and Dragon Age. I reblog other things too, like Zombies, Run as well as Marvel movies.

I tag all my posts so that you can search for them by tag. If you ever need me to add a tag to something (like a spoiler), let me know!


That sounds amazing :D

It really was! Now I just have to convince people to do Escape the Room with me in Philly….

I had such an amazing weekend.

On Friday I attended the annual Halloween festivities at the nearby theme park and had a blast.

On Saturday I got to see my favorite band (The Black Keys!) live at a concert in Philly. It. Was. Amazing. And there was an opening act from Cage the Elephant, which was fun too. Seriously though, those tickets were worth it. And so was the souvenir T-shirt I got.

And then today my sister’s in-laws visited and we got bridesmaid dresses for her two future sister-in-laws. (My dress is set to arrive in November—can’t wait!).

I had a lot of fun! Of course now I’m nursing a cold and I’ve gotta go back to the weekly grind at my part-time job, but whatever.

Warden: I want to stop the Blight and save Ferelden.

Inquisitor: I want to stop the Breach and save Thedas.

Hawke: I want to not die.